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Repair Café Volunteer

We’re looking for people with different Repairing/ Fixing skills who want to make a difference and are committed to reducing waste. People who like to help others and enjoy working out how to make something work again.

We’re also keen to meet people who are happy to engage with visitors, work out which ‘expert’ they need to see and co-ordinate general repair café activities before and during the events, take donations from happy punters and liaise with the Repair Café maestros at Circularity (based at Woodville Library).


CircularityHUB , 1 Hartshorne Road , Woodville, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 7JB

Is the location accessible for those with physical disabilities or limited mobility?


Is the location accessible by public transport?



Every 2nd Saturday of the month from 9:30AM to 1:30PM.

Could this role be carried out virtually or through a hybrid volunteering model?


Is a criminal record check (DBS) required for this role?


Is a driving license required?


Are expenses covered?


What will you be doing?

‘Repairing & fixing’ Handyperson Volunteers

You will be able to make a quick assessment of whether it is clearly fixable, maybe fixable with a bit of investigation or a lost cause.

Anything brought to the repair café is able to be carried and can range from small electricals to toys, clocks, jewellery, fabrics.

You might know about microwaves, clocks, kettles, TVs, music equipment or other often-broken items.

You might have sewing, jewellery making or other specialist skills or be someone who can work out ‘’how things work’’ and fix them.

It’s important that you can put back together anything you might take apart….!

You will have a selection of useful tools for your own specialism which you can bring to the events and the ability to advise us on what general tools, equipment and ‘’disposables’’ we might need to buy eg from batteries to glues (nb if any of your own things get broken we will replace them)

Front of House/Co-ordinator Volunteers

We’re also interested in someone who can co-ordinate others who have repair skills and meet and greet the public.

What skills are required?

Repairing/ Fixing Handyperson volunteers: DIY skills, specialist repair skills.

Front of house/ co-ordinator volunteers: able to organise and co-ordinate events and volunteers, manage an ongoing list of tools and resources needed, fundraising skills would be fantastic, people engagement skills.

Will training be given or available?


Additional important information

By joining our team of you will be making a positive impact in the local community and on people’s lives as they benefit from volunteering in lots of ways.

For further information on this opportunity and more please complete this form:

Alternatively email quoting the opportunity number stated below.


Maintenance or DIY

Volunteer Opportunity No.


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