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Citizens Advice Mid Mercia

Volunteer Generalist Adviser

Volunteer Generalist Advisers play a vital role at Citizens Advice Mid Mercia by providing people with advice and help to resolve their problems


Citizens Advice Mid Mercia, 114 Church Street, Church Gresley, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE11 9NR

Is the location accessible for those with physical disabilities or limited mobility?


Is the location accessible by public transport?



Could this role be carried out virtually or through a hybrid volunteering model?


Is a criminal record check (DBS) required for this role?


Is a driving license required?


Are expenses covered?

Yes, TRAVEL Only

What will you be doing?

What will you do?

● complete an introduction to Citizens Advice and the relevant training for your role
● talk to clients over the phone, face to face, or online to explore what problems they’ve come for help with
● find information about the clients’ problems and help them to understand their options
● support clients to take action to resolve their problems. This might include drafting or writing letters, making phone calls, or referring the client to another organisation
● write a summary of the clients’ problems and what action you’ve taken
● look out for problems’ that are common, or are unfair, and write a short report about the problem or a letter to an elected official like an MP, AM or local councillor.

Some examples of what you could do:

● help clients with debts work out a reasonable amount to pay back, and make a phone call to an organisation they owe money to.
● explore what benefits a client is entitled to and help them to complete a benefit application form.
● help a client who has problems with their landlord
● to help a client understand their housing rights.

What skills are required?

You don’t need specific qualifications or skills but you’ll need to:

● be friendly and approachable
● be non-judgmental and respect views, values and cultures that are different to your own
● have good listening skills
● have excellent verbal and written communication skills
● have good maths and IT skills
● be able to understand information and explain it to others
● be willing to learn about and follow the Citizens Advice aims, principles and policies, including confidentiality and data protection
● be willing to undertake relevant training in your role

Will training be given or available?

Yes, no prior experience is necessary in these areas as you’ll receive full training for this advice giving role.

Additional important information

What’s in it for you?

● make a real difference to the lives of others
● learn about a range of issues such as benefits, debt, employment and housing.
● build on valuable skills such as communication, listening and problem solving, and increase your employability
● work with a range of different people, both independently and in a team.
● have a positive impact in your community.

Email: for an application form or it can be downloaded from

For all volunteer enquiries or for an informal chat about volunteering please contact 01283 210108

For further information on this opportunity and more please complete this form:

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