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Bus Park Community Hub and Café


In this exciting opportunity you will be working closely with the head chef to create delicious meals in our busy setting. Your main responsibility will be overseeing the kitchen assistants, in coordination with the Head Chefs requirements, and ensuring that the food meets high-quality standards. You will collaborate with the Head Chef and the rest of the team of kitchen staff to deliver food that meets the highest quality standards. You must be able to follow requests from the Head Chef and have good organizational skills and impeccable time management to ensure that the food is delivered efficiently and promptly to the customers.


Market Street Car Park, Swadlincote, DE11 9DA

Is the location accessible for those with physical disabilities or limited mobility?


Is the location accessible by public transport?



Could this role be carried out virtually or through a hybrid volunteering model?


Is a criminal record check (DBS) required for this role?


Is a driving license required?


Are expenses covered?


What will you be doing?

• Ensuring that all food is of excellent quality and served in a timely manner.
• Assisting the Head Chef to deliver food that is within budget and using good quality ingredients.
• Overseeing all kitchen assistants to assist the Head Chef with his requirements.
• Being involved with the Head Chef and other staff members to create nutritious and enjoyable food within the budget.
• Coordinating kitchen assistants and assisting them as required.
• You will enjoy working with and receiving assistance from a remarkable team who will help you make and deliver meals to customers promptly.
• You should be able to work well and keep your cool in a fast-paced work environment.
• Prepare, cook and other food preparation activities daily.
• You may be required to cook, bake, and prepare predetermined menu items daily.
• Helping the Head Chef with Training other staff members to prepare and cook all the menu items.
• Taking stock of ingredients and equipment and informing what needs replenishing for the Head Chef to order or replenish stock.
• Inspect supplies, work areas and ingredients to ensure constant conformance to regulatory standards.
• Assist the Head Chef to Monitor and oversee sanitation practices to ensure that regulations and standards of cleanliness are always being strictly adhered to by other employees. If discrepancies are found, you are to inform the Head Chef who will make corrections or discuss issues with employees as needed when standards are not being followed.
• Assist the Head Chef to analyse recipes and suggest menu changes when necessary to keep customers happy and to minimize overhead costs when possible.
• Assist the Kitchen assistants to monitor and record kitchen waste.
• Keep up to date with industry trends.
• Provide feedback to the Head Chef to assist him in making improvements where necessary.
• You would report directly to the Head Chef.
• You may be expected to step up to the Chefs role, or down to the Kitchen Assistant role if required.
• Any other reasonable requests from the trustees as may be required.

What skills are required?

• Culinary school Certificate.
• Experience as a working cook.
• Ability to use common kitchen tools.
• Good knowledge of the culinary arts.
• Understanding of raw materials, quality control and other techniques for the effective creation and distribution of food products.
• Knowledge of food preparation regulations and standards.
• Perfectionism in sanitation and quality control.
• Good multitasking ability.
• Great interpersonal skills.
• Knowledge of stocktaking and placing orders for resupply.
• Good work ethic in a high-pressure environment.
• Passion and pride for delighting people with food.

Will training be given or available?


Additional important information

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