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Bus Park Community Hub and Café


Our Meals on Wheels service takes our delicious home cooked food to members of the community who need it. Our drivers are required to deliver food as hot as possible to a variety of customers with different requirements and health and environmental conditions, while remaining professional all the while.
Drivers are professionals with a difficult task on today’s roads therefore they must ensure that they are ready to deal with weather, road conditions and other traffic while remaining alert at all times.


Swadlincote Area from Market Street Car Park, Swadlincote, DE11 9DA

Is the location accessible for those with physical disabilities or limited mobility?


Is the location accessible by public transport?



Could this role be carried out virtually or through a hybrid volunteering model?


Is a criminal record check (DBS) required for this role?


Is a driving license required?


Are expenses covered?

What will you be doing?

• Full driving licence with Business insurance, remember any highway code infringements are your responsibility.
• Reasonable driving experience.
• Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, clean and with enough fuel to complete your run.
• While out on the road, please be aware that you are representing the Charity, and we ask that you always drive in a sensible manner.
• Ensure you arrive on time for your shift as the delivery needs to be on time to ensure the food is a hot as it can be for the customer.
• After signing in you will need to ensure you know which run you are doing and collect all documents, instructions, and equipment to enable you to complete the run with the least effort.
• You will need to communicate with the Office, Kitchen and other members of staff as required to ensure you have all relevant information to fulfil your task.
• Collect your Food containers for the run and ensure you have the correct number and types of food for your customers.
• When delivering your orders, you must always be courteous and ensure you keep an eye on your customers wellbeing, any issues should be reported to the office.
• Check the food temperature within the boxes monthly and record the readings.
• Money management is a must, you will need to collect, count, and secure all monies paid to you for return to the office.
• Feedback from the customer will help ensure they are getting the best service; therefore, you will need to check if the last meal was acceptable, did they enjoy it, and are they happy with the service?
• Clean and disinfect your boxes after every shift.
• Any other reasonable requests from the trustees as may be required.

What skills are required?

• Good geographic knowledge of the area to help with your deliveries.
• Good knowledge of sanitation and quality control while handling the food containers.
• Good multitasking ability.
• Great interpersonal skills.
• Good work ethic in a high-pressure environment.
• Passion and pride for delighting people with food and good service.

Will training be given or available?


Additional important information

For further information on this opportunity and more please complete this form:

Alternatively email quoting the opportunity number stated below.


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