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Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF)

Voluntary Sector Forum

Our Voluntary Sector Forums take place regularly throughout the year (typically March, June, September and December) and aim to strengthen and develop the voluntary and community sector in South Derbyshire by bringing staff and volunteers together to network, share and celebrate good practice, discuss challenges and problems to obtain support to seek idea to resolve or address them, work collectively on issues of common and minority interest, discuss the impact of emerging crises and changes in the sector

Where possible we also aim to include a range of speakers on a variety of topics related to the Voluntary Sector in our forum sessions whether to provide insight into one particular topic or whether to give a more generalised insight into the evolving landscape of volunteering.

The forum also provides an opportunity for organisations and individuals to promote their own successes, projects and news.

To register your interest in attending our Voluntary Sector Forums please complete the registrationform below:

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