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Willington Old School Trust


Old School Rejuvenation Project

SDCVS Project Reference PRJ-23-0306

Willington Old School is a fantastic local community space and pre-school serving Willington residents. The Old School Trust is responsible for the management and upkeep of the building and its surrounding grounds.  The building and its grounds are in desperate need of rejuvenation.

The project will comprise of (1) rejuvenation of the main hall, small room and corridors.  This will include repairing damaged plaster work and cracks in the walls, preparing surfaces for painting, painting the walls and cleaning when complete; (2) groundworks to the front and side of the building.  This will include weeding, trimming of overhanging vegetation, repainting external railings and fencing; (3) landscaping to the rear of the property (boundary of property and canal side).  This will include the trimming of overhanging vegetation (including holly, hawthorn and other shrubs).

Materials and equipment will be provided (for example filler, paint, rollers, brushes, trays etc), however, the volunteers will be responsible for ensuring they are dressed appropriately, have food and refreshments and are wearing suitable footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Project supported by...


The Castle Way, 42, Willington DE65 6BT

Volunteer Duties:

(including the physical requirements involved)


  • Moving and working on the project site, involving:

    • Lifting and carrying equipment and materials;

    • Bending;

    • Standing; and

    • Walking.

  • Use of hand tools, involving:

    • Hand dexterity.

  • Use of machinery, involving:

    • Lifting and carrying equipment.

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