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Findern Footpaths and Conservation Group


Butterfly Meadow Fencing and Pond Area Development Project

SDCVS Project Reference PRJ-23-0305

This project will comprise of bundling, trimming and moving felled branches, creating a structure for the hedgerow and laying the branches to create a barrier around the new butterfly conservation area. 


There are also a number of smaller projects in and around the lower pond/wildlife release area to create habitat for wildlife.  This will include stone work and relocation of material to create a basking area/bee nesting area. 

Tools will be provided (for example wheel barrows, spades, forks, mower/strimmer (subject to risk assessment) etc), however, the volunteers will be responsible for ensuring they are dressed appropriately, have food and refreshments and are wearing suitable footwear and brining their own gardening gloves and safety glasses. 


A gazebo will be provided for shelter in the event of inclement weather - toilet facilities are a short car journey (max. 2 - 3 minutes) at a local community café.  Parking for vehicles on roadside adjacent to the area.

Supported by:


Cardales Meadow Wildlife Reserve, DE65 6BH, England, United Kingdom

Volunteer Duties:

(including the physical requirements involved)


  • Moving and working on the project site, involving:

    • Lifting and carrying equipment and materials;

    • Bending;

    • Standing; and

    • Walking.

  • Use of hand tools, involving:

    • Hand dexterity.

  • Use of machinery, involving:

    • Lifting and carrying equipment.

  • Working amongst existing garden and on uneven ground, involving:

    • Balance; and

    • Adequate eyesight.


"The dead hedge is protecting the butterfly bank and has created an area to grow the plants for the butterflies to lay their eggs on. The bee hotel in the wildlife are will provide habitat for wild bees to burrow into and lay eggs.

We were very pleased with the work done by the Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) volunteer team. They worked effectively individually and as a team to achieve our objectives to a very high standard such that the result exceeded our expectations. We would love to welcome the volunteers again for other projects.

The tasks the PWC volunteers completed in a day would have taken our group at least a week and probably more, therefore the habitats were completed in time for the butterflies and bees to take full advantage of them earlier in the season." Joan T - Findern Footpaths and Conservation Group Chair

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